Hydro-Cut Water Jet Cutting Facilities

Hydro-Cut, Incorporated occupies a 10,000 square foot facility located just north of Cincinnati, Ohio.  We are the water jet specialists in the area and our facilities are devoted to this unique CNC cutting technology.  Our shop features both a small and large water jet machine to handle jobs of all sizes, using both water-only and abrasive water jet cutting capabilities.  Our water jet cutting machines, facilities and people allow us to handle a wide range
of production and prototype requirements – sometimes meeting difficult deadlines . . .

Our facilities feature:

  • 2 Large 12' x 12' Waterjet CNC Cutting Tables
  • FlowJet 4' x 4' Waterjet CNC Cutting Table
  • Standard Tolerance of 0.005
  • No Heat Affected Zone
  • Thickness to 10" 
  • Full CAD/CAM with Nesting 
  • Custom Prototypes 
  • High Volume, Multiple Cutting Head Capability 
  • Rapid, Near Net Cutting
  • Reverse Engineering Capabilities
  • Virtek LaserQc Laser Inspection System to Insure Quality Parts and Products

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