Water Jet Metal Cutting

Hydro-Cut has extensive experience in metal water jet cutting solutions for a wide variety of materials and thicknesses.  In many metal cutting applications, our optimized water jet process offers advantages over
laser cutting, oxyfuel torch and plasma cutters.  Whether cutting titanium sheet, stainless steel, brass or aluminum cutting, our water jet machines use abrasive and water-only metal cutting methods for precision 2D cuts in thicknesses up to 6".

Take a look at a few Hydro-Cut water jet metal cutting examples below:


Jam Bar



Material: A514 Steel Plate
Thickness: 2.25"
Description: Jam Bar




 Titanium Material



Material: Titanium
Thickness: 2"
Description: Fixture



 Aluminum Material


Material: Aluminum
Thickness: 1/8"
Description: School Logo





Brass Material



Material: Brass
Thickness: 1/16"
Description: Company Warranty Logo




Stainless Material



Material: Stainless
Thickness: 1/8"
Description: Company Logo